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Tarot Reading: Relationship Reading (any kind)


This 7-card reading gives you insight into your current relationship with another person. The cards reveal both positive and negative aspects that each person brings to the relationship, and then how those aspects combine to create the dynamics of your relationship. Good for any kind of relationship: friends, family members, romantic/sexual partners, QPPs, mentor/students, coworkers, etc.

NOTES AND WARNINGS: 1. It is heavily advised that you get the consent of the other person before you purchase this reading, if possible. 2. If you are looking for a fluffy, light-hearted reading, or looking for someone to affirm your fears/biases/wishes about a relationship (especially a crush), please be advised that this reading is not guaranteed to do that. Not to say that this reading will be bad! But it does tell the truth. Be sure you want these answers before you ask for them. The question "Is my partner cheating on me?" will NOT be answered by this reading. However, advice on what to do in a relationship where cheating has happened is OK.

TURN AROUND TIME: 2 days - 2 weeks depending on current reading load.

**You will receive a PDF document and photos of your reading via the email address you use for this purchase. If you'd like your reading sent to a different email, please enter it in the notes section. Please also write your question for the reading (if you have one) in the notes section as well!**

GENERAL DISCLAIMER: I, Noel Arthur Heimpel, am not liable for any action taken as a result of these readings. Tarot readings are meant to provide advice and insight and are not a replacement for professional legal, financial, or medical advice. Your decisions and choices are your own, and by purchasing this reading you agree not to hold me (Noel Arthur Heimpel) liable for any resulting damages.