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Divination & Story from Noel A Heimpel

FAQ & Shipping

COVID-19 RESPONSE INFO: Due to concerns about the COVID-19 virus (also known as corona virus), I am taking extra precautions to ensure that I, my partner, you, and the postal workers are as safe as possible:

1. All of my orders are packed on a table which is dedicated to this purpose only. It is sanitized regularly, including right before packing orders. 

2. I am making sure to wash my hands thoroughly and cover my face while packing orders. Though I have been in quarantine and am not showing any symptoms, I do not want to take chances.

3. All orders are shipped in eco-friendly, compostable/recyclable materials made from paper and cardboard, which experts say the virus does not live long on and carries almost no risk of transmission. The Numinous Tarot box comes with plastic shrink wrap; if you are concerned, you can remove all of the packaging and the shrink wrap, dispose of it, and then wash your hands before handling the deck and this should keep you more than safe.

4. I am only packing and shipping orders once a week (Tuesdays) instead of three times per week as usual. This is to make it easier to keep the space/orders clean and to reduce the number of times I need to go to the post office for drop offs.

5. My partner and I are both following the stay-at-home order in place for Californians and have been for the last 3 weeks. We only leave the house to walk in our neighborhood or to do a once-per-week grocery trip when necessary.

Thank you and stay safe!

Do you ship worldwide?

Yes! However, you may want to buy from one of the shops that stocks my deck outside of the US to save yourself some trouble. Please see this page for the current list of retailers (I can't guarantee they have it in stock at any moment, but it's good to check). Also includes a few brick & mortar stores in the US!

How long does shipping take/can you ship by a certain date?

NOTE 3/31/20: See above for current practices during the COVID-19 pandemic.

I personally pack orders on Monday/Wednesday/Friday mornings and take them to the post office around 10am PST. An automated shipment confirmation & tracking email is sent from Big Cartel the same day. This means it may take 1-3 days for your package to ship from the day you order it. Orders placed on Friday will have the longest wait. I can't guarantee your package will ship by a certain date or that I can honor any requests; I look at emails on weekday mornings (PST) and I do not read my email on the weekend, BUT if I happen to catch your message at the right time, I'll try my best to accommodate it! It's just not guaranteed that I will see it, so it's up to you whether you want to take a chance.

Domestic (US) orders ship using USPS Priority Mail and take 1-3 business days. International orders ship using USPS International First Class package service and take 2-6 weeks depending on where you live.

Occasionally, shipping may be delayed due to holidays, illness, weather, or other unexpected life events. I'm just one person, not Ama/zon, so I'm grateful for your patience! Sometimes tracking emails may get lost or go to your spam folder. If you haven't received an email or your package one week from ordering, please contact me directly.

What shipping service do you use?

USPS. See above for more details.

What about customs fees (outside of US)?

I try my best to mark packages so that they won't incur more customs fees for you, but customers are still responsible for those if they occur. 

Do you use discreet packaging?

I understand that not everyone lives somewhere that's safe to receive a Tarot deck/queer branded product. All orders are shipped in plain brown boxes with my name on the return address and no identifying features. The customs form for international orders lists the contents as "Card deck and book."

My package never arrived, what should I do?

If you live in the US:

  • Please wait 2 weeks from notification of shipping, then contact me at with your order number.

If you live outside the US:

  • Please wait 8 weeks from notification of shipping, then contact me at with your order number.

In most cases I can either mail you a new package or refund you the cost of the order minus shipping.

My deck/guidebook is damaged or has missing cards/I lost or damaged cards/the guidebook.

Please email me at and I will figure out a replacement for you!

Do you sell wholesale?

Yes! Please email me at for pricing.

How many decks do you have in stock/how long will they be for sale/are you running out?

On June 3, I put 1000 decks up for sale. Last year I sold 700 decks in about 4 months, although that included wholesale orders of 20+, and I have a separate chunk of stock for wholesale orders this time. I am also moving this fall and the shop will be closed for an undetermined time. I feel like it is not unreasonable to say they will all be sold by the end of the year, possibly. Your best bet is to buy it this summer, if you're concerned, though.

I would love to print a 3rd edition in the future, but I'm unsure when that will be do to moving and other projects (I am planning to fund a new oracle deck in early 2020 so I may not be able to re-run the Numinous Tarot until 2021). I am also planning for the 3rd edition to downsize the physical guidebook and box. The original full length guidebook will still be available digitally and possibly print-on-demand from a separate site, but the physical copy that comes with the deck will be more like a LWB, so if you want the big guidebook, now's your chance! 

To stay updated, please join my mailing list.

What are the differences between the 1st and 2nd edition of the deck?

There aren't any! It just says "First printing" or "Second printing" in the guidebook. Otherwise they are identical. However, any future editions will be changing, see above for details.

Did you change the price/Why did you change the price of the deck?

I recently changed the price of the Numinous Tarot deck & guidebook to $45 USD from the original $40 (which is printed on the back of the deck box) because my own personal living and business expenses (groceries, medical bills, taxes, rent, etc) have gone up. I strive to keep my work affordable, but I have to be able to afford to live in order to do the work! $45 is about an average price for an indie deck with gilding and a full sized book, so I still feel it's reasonable. If you can't afford it, please sign up for my mailing list and keep an eye out for sales/giveaways in the future or let your loved ones know it's on your wishlist!